Heavy Stores

Heavy Stores Design and Build

Following a successful bid Woodenbale were tasked with the design and build of a portal frame building to be used as a heavy stores on the Pembroke Power Station. Taking more of a project management role with the build as CDM coordinator, sub-contractors were used to supply structural elements and relevant services while Woodenbale carried out the ground works and service trenches, road and paving installation/alteration, installation of storage slab and construction of internal office, along with the management of the project and control of the CDM area.

The Building measures 500m2 and is 7m to ridge, it is a fair size building incorporating a small office space to the front, 6m wide roller shutter door, pedestrian access and pedestrian emergency exit. A great project delivered on budget.

DSC00906.jpg DSC00840.jpg DSC00842.jpg DSC00869.jpg DSC00870.jpg DSC00891.jpg DSC00893.jpg DSC00895.jpg DSC00833.jpg DSC00904.jpg DSC00926.jpg photo 11.jpg photo 12.jpg photo 13.jpg photo 14.jpg DSC00922.jpg DSC00923.jpg DSC00924.jpg DSC00901.jpg