Highgate Inn Refurbishment

Highgate Inn Refurbishment

**We are pleased to announce that the Highgate Inn will reopen on Friday the 10th of July**

**All are welcome to come along and celebrate the occasion with the bar opening from 6pm**

Woodenbale 2000 is currently carrying out refurbishment works to the Highgate Inn in Hundleton, Pembroke. After some major internal alterations including demolition of internal walls, improved cellar access, removal of existing bar and strip out of toilets, installation of external access to beer garden and removal of stonework to both chimney breasts the pub has been transformed. Woodenbale's design team have created seating and screaning elements including fabricating a bespoke bar, all made in house. Works continue to improve the property and bring it up to date, breathing new life into the very popular establishment. External alterations are soon to be undertaken, transforming the exterior look of the pub.

We are all very excited to see the finished product with hundreds of man hours spent creating and crafting a very unique and inviting environment. Stay tuned for more information and the grand re-opening date, TBA. 

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