Repair & Restoration Works to Pembroke's URC Tabernacle Church

Repair & Restoration Works to Pembroke's URC Tabernacle Church

Woodenbale 2000 have secured the contract for the CADW funded repair and restoration works to Pembroke's URC Tabernacle Church on Main Street Pembroke.

With planned works to roof elements, stone masonry repairs to the church tower, traditional lime pointing and rendering, repair and replacement of windows, cleaning and restoration of quatrefoil timber louvres, internal plaster work to ceilings and walls and removal and renewal of internal floor slabs, the work is varied and very sensitive, especially on a building of this age.

With scaffolding erection currently taking place we plan to start works within the next week to the exterior of the building. Good planning is a must as the old victorian school room at the rear of the church will still be occupied and continually used by the kindergarten throughout the project. Health and safety is our top priority as the project will be taking place under the CDM regulations.

We look forward to commencing the project and will be uploading photos of the works as the project progresses.

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