Pembroke CCGT Power Station

Pembroke CCGT Power Station

We have been heavily involved in the finalisation of the site after being present on the project from its outset. Originally involved in the demolition of the old power station, we then stayed on and installed all of the temporary infrastructure and amenities for the site including a 300m long covered walkway.

More recently we were tasked with the first phase of the punch-listing within the units completing grouting and concrete repairs, this involved a lot of confined space work. Also the landscaping site wide,the majority of the road construction and drainage works, and the blockwork enclosing of the HRSG and Feed Water Towers. We also built the new security gatehouse which can be seen in the pictures below.

Gatehouse 1.jpg Gatehouse 2.jpg Gatehouse 3.jpg HRSG 6.jpg HRSG 4.jpg HRSG 3.jpg HRSG 2.jpg HRSG 5.jpg Feed Water Tower 1.jpg Feed Water Tower 2.jpg Feed Water Tower 3.jpg 

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